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This month on The Disabled Diva
Spring has sprung! Time to start spring cleaning our chronic lives!  ​Stay tuned as more ways to spruce up your chronic life is on the way! 

The Disabled Diva

Spring Cleaning Your Chronic Life: Scrub Away Negative Thoughts

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 04/12/17

 “I am worthless.” “I have no purpose.” “I hate my life.” 

“I can’t do anything.”  “I am disappointment.” 

Do any of those thoughts sound familiar to you? Are you struggling to find joy and peace in your life?  If so I have something to tell you that you aren’t going to like, but need to hear.  As long as you allow those thoughts make themselves at home in your mind things will only get worse. Even if you only have those thoughts occasionally, you must be careful to not allow them to fester and grow.  I know this all too well as I have been there and I don’t wish it upon anybody. 

Messy messages

Negative thoughts are like dust bunnies, they hide in corners and are dirty.  They also multiply. Click here to continue reading

My Squatty Potty Review: Becoming Queen of my Throne

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 04/10/17

Find out why the Squatty Potty is not the same as using a footstool and if it helps with hip pain in my review! Click here to read the full article.

Oska Pulse, giving hope when doctors said there was none to be had

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/29/17

Last year one doctor after another told me that there was nothing they could do about my abdominal pain that is caused from adhesions due to endometriosis and surgical scarring.  Out of all of my conditions this was the hardest to accept as nothing decreased my discomfort. Click here to read about my newfound hope in relieving abdominal pain

Abdominal Update

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/29/17

I enjoyed a little over two months without having my stomach bloated and was able to eat without pain.  During that time I experienced a lot of ripping from my sidewall.  While painful, it was welcome as it meant that the adhesions were loosening.  Because my belly wasn’t in a constant state of turmoil I was able to start an exercise routine.  Unfortunately, I knew that it would be only a matter of time until the pulling, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting would return.

That day arrived on March 14th.  The chaos that my adhesions caused physically drained me. Click here to continue reading

Arisen Strength Motivational Podcast

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/23/17

Did you hear my interview on Arisen Strength?  Click here if you haven't!!

Choosing the mode of transportation that will get you to your vacation destination without too much additional pain

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/23/17

Today I want to help you choose how to arrive at your destination without too much additional pain.  The form of transportation we choose can either improve or ruin our vacation experience.  Click here to read article

Packing for your Invisible Traveling Companions

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/15/17

Find out how viewing your chronic illnesses as extra passengers can improve your next vacation experience. Click here to read the article.

Tips for choosing a vacation destination when you have a chronic illness.

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/08/17

Vacations are an opportunity to discover new places, but not all destinations are suitable to our needs.  In my post Unrealistic Vacation Expectations I shared how I changed my own expectations.  Today I am going to help you choose a destination that will increase your chances of having a fabulous vacation. Click here to continue reading

Unrealistic Vacation Expectations

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/01/17

Living with multiple chronic conditions has changed many things in my life, including what I expect from a vacation. Psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis often create havoc before, during, and after each trip.  I may not be able to escape my conditions for a week, but I can still have a fabulous getaway by having realistic expectations.  Here are five unrealistic vacation expectations and how I turned them around. Click here to continue reading.....

How Oska Pulse Improved My Life

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 03/01/17

The Oska Pulse continues to amaze me by how it combats pain without medication.  I try to avoid medicating for pain during the day. Pain medication makes me sleepy and decreases my productivity.  Instead of spending the day in a daze or asleep I am able to work while my Oska Pulse treats the pain.  The strap that comes with it makes it possible to treat my pain no matter where I am at.  I wear mine while grocery shopping, exercising, and even at Disneyland.  The best part of this drug-free pain relief device is that there are no side effects.  Click here to read the entire article

Why Every Restaurant Should be on DineSafe

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 02/24/17

Last year I introduced my readers to a new app called DineSafe.  Today I want to remind my readers who have food allergies/sensitivities or follow a specific diet of how the DineSafe app makes choosing where to eat easier and safer.  I also want to encourage more restaurants to get on board. Click here to continue reading

Caring for my mind and soul

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 02/22/17

When learning to live with a chronic disease it is easy to solely focus on our physical wellbeing while ignoring our emotional needs.  It may be because we assume our emotional issues will be resolved once we figure out how to fix or combat our physical problems.  We might think that our emotional needs aren’t as important, but we would be wrong. Click here to continue reading

My Chronic Workout Prep and Recovery

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 02/08/17

Before becoming chronically ill I used to love exercising.  Outside of making time to do it, I never had to put much thought into it.  Other than changing my shoes or clothing, I never had to prepare my body for a workout.  Afterwards I could go on with my day and do whatever I wanted.  Since becoming chronically ill I have struggled with working out regularly because of how unpredictable my diseases are and the pain that exercising adds to my already painful life.  However, click here to continue reading

Working out at home with my homegirls

by 1disableddiva 1disableddiva on 02/01/17

Forget exercising, the pain I experience from Fibromyalgia, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Endometriosis makes just getting to the gym an exhausting workout.  Yet, I needed to do something, so I created a home gym. In order to keep myself accountable, I recruited my daughter and a friend to join me twice a week.  Click here to find out what I have in my home gym and why it works best for me.

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