Taking the "dis" out of disabled!
Join me as I take the "dis" out of disabled!
Movie Movement Mania
​This family friendly activity is perfect for everyone, even those who suffer from chronic pain.  Click here to learn how to play!

Resistance bands

Oska Pulse


Autoimmune Strong
Autoimmune Strong is a fitness program for people like us who live with chronic pain.

Click here to check it out!
Getting out of the house to see a therapist can be difficult when you live with chronic pain.  With you can get the help you need at home or wherever you are.
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The Disabled Divas may not be able to agree on which direction to travel, but they all know how to stay comfortable and prevent a chronic pain flare when on a road trip!

Click here to read their tips!

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Spring cleaning doesn't have to be painful! 
Click here to read tips from our Diva Donna!

Spruce up more than your house! Below are tips to spring clean some very important aspects of your chronic life!
Sanitize your social circle

Cleanse your calendar

5 ways to make your home chronically friendly

Scrub away negative thoughts

Your disability or chronic illness will only take away from the magic you can expect to experience at Disneyland if you aren't informed.  Find out everything you need before you go with my free guide!
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Feed Your Skin - 15% off first purchase plus free shipping over $30 - 300x250
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Caring for our mental health is just as important as caring for our physical needs.  More problems arise when we ignore one or the other.
Depression isn't something that only the chronically ill battle.  Many 'healthy" people battle it too!  Don't let the stigma of depression keep you from seeking help!

In my eBook Make Pain Your Bitch I share how I address the needs of both my mind and body and share tips to help you do it too.

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To learn more about Oska Pulse and how it decreases pain and inflammation without drugs, visit my friends at Oska Wellness.  And as always, save $55 with promo code DIVA.